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Kazzie KAZ9627
57 years
177 cm
80 kg
Faxe / Denmark
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Last update: 2021 september 17.
Read my profile before contacting me - read it thoroughly and read it all !!!


Covid is on the run and there is no restrictions anymore here in Denmark - 80% of the population has got the vaccine so life is on the way back - that is wonderful.

You are welcome to come and live with me if we see us as a good match - I will gladly pay for your ticket to me, but first when you arrive here - I will be sure you are who you say are and what we have agreed about.

My computer is always turned on, so I might not be here - even I stand as online ..


Yes, I've been to your profile to look at you - I have a passion for looking at women and the way they dress - I just love to see if anyone dresses smartly in wonderful dresses or gowns.

My passion for the way women dress comes from my interest in wearing dresses - I'm a transvestite or crossdresser - but not full time - I usually only dress feminine privately or on special occasions. But I love wearing a dress or a skirt - the more feminine it looks, the better I feel.

I am into women, not men - even I love to dress as a woman myself - there is something special about being in a dress or skirt - Just love it.

All the pictures at my profile is me - there is no pictures of another person - both the pictures where I look like a man and also the pictures where I look like a woman - is all pictures of me - this is how I am and that is not going to change.
I am what people call a transvestite or a crossdresser

I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who want a submissive "girl" in life and a equal man in life.
I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who will live and enjoy dressing me as her girl in all the feminine dresses, skirts and gowns we can get - and then have joy in life for us both.

>>> If you contact me, tell me in your first message about your opinion about my addition and what you think about my kinky side of life, otherwise I will only send you a standard comment.

You can also contact me
Magz MAG0259
25 years
154 cm
55 kg
/ United Arab Emirates
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Am looking for my partner to make family
Tariq TAR3617
21 years
168 cm
67 kg
Rawalpindi / Pakistan
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Hello guys im tariq from pakistan
Single looking a good partner here
xxxxxxxxxxx number plus nine two three four one eight seven four eight five four nine xxxxxxxxxxx is tariq zulfiqar
TomBarrang TOM9029
45 years
183 cm
149 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Looking for real gf/wife need to be happy, honest, loyal,faithfull and respectful
JL JL6211
58 years
176 cm
95 kg
Melun / France
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Hi everyone I am jl_che on line. Looking for my soulmate.. Where have you been all this time?
Ian IAN9757
61 years
178 cm
85 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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Hello, I am an individual and looking for friendship first and see where it leads. I would love to travel, see new places and explore. I like reading, quiet times and would love to do more bush walking.
Jude JUD1491
52 years
187 cm
85 kg
Lincoln / United Kingdom
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I live in England. Here to meet someone. I am great my part time. I am master programmer by trade. I live by myself in my own house. I live near the woods. Its really nice. I love the countryside and I have a small garden.
I also drive a Mercedes-Benz. Cause I know the difference. But I'm not stuck up. I would drive anything and love it. I may get a motorhome and travel the world.
I may drop by for coffee en route to a mission of great importance. Sorry can't say anymore.
Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Line thomas LIN8633
44 years
199 cm
102 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I from Germany can not read contact information pro-member!!
Knurzibald KNU9283
59 years
173 cm
150 kg
Dortmund / Germany
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I'm looking for the melody to my rythm section
Charles CHA3148
61 years
180 cm
74 kg
Vaduz / Liechtenstein
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hi i m a gentleman...looking for a good partnership in harmony and peace...I m supportive and wanna meet your place or in Europe
Alois ALO5733
71 years
182 cm
98 kg
Vienna / Austria
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Ich kann nur antworten wenn du mich kontaktierst!!
Norbert NOR9250
57 years
173 cm
93 kg
Platz / Germany
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Look of the Love in my Live
Hans HAN8753
63 years
174 cm
84 kg
Trier / Germany
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i want find a nice slim and smal girl with smal boobs that want life here with me.
have S K Y P E

Ram RAM5544
24 years
181 cm
75 kg
Chennai / India
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back gulcg. Kcfzykyxy,j
Kumsen KUM9796
61 years
168 cm
68 kg
Montreal / Canada
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Have worked ambitiously hard to come to this point . I am confident , warm , thoughtful, intelligent , perceptive, passionate, optimistic and funny . Seeking a soulmate for spending life together , she is sweet, easy going , funny , ambitious, hardworking, respectful and sensitive, physically affectionate and honest
Sayan SAY4327
19 years
150 cm
34 kg
Calcutta / India
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I have come here for some enjoyment in life
Viba VIB1451
45 years
168 cm
90 kg
Port Moresb / Papua New Guinea
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Am down to earth person and would prefer to be a friend with very honest ladies of all walk of life and ages and see how we go from there.
Master MAS1393
67 years
187 cm
114 kg
Arco / United States of America
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i am a master looking for a xxxxx to have a master xxxxx relationship
Andrew AND0574
65 years
174 cm
71 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I like riding bikes, cooking, libraries, reading books, museums and meeting people. i like fresh air and country life .I enjoy to cook and want to learn cook Thai cuisine.
working is good for the mind and heart . I hope my partner like to work too.
Frank FRA8357
58 years
176 cm
71 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am cool, easy going and fun to be around with. i want a lady who is honest