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Hans HAN8753
65 years
174 cm
84 kg
Trier / Germany
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i want find a nice slim and smal girl with smal boobs that want life here with me.
have S K Y P E

Dietmar DIE7544
55 years
189 cm
115 kg
Ahrweiler / Germany
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I am only looking for a long term relationship.
If you want money from me, please don't disturb me and move on.
B BVQ5001
30 years
168 cm
64 kg
Vadodara / India
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Happy and be happy
Dirk DIR8906
61 years
180 cm
90 kg
Gluecksburg / Germany
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search a serious woman with good character and sense of humor
Krishna KRI1677
53 years
167 cm
55 kg
Mumbai / India
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Contact on xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
How can I describe myself in a few words? There is so much to say. I am a very sincere, responsive, kind-hearted and gregarious boy. There is no way I could miss an opportunity to meet interesting and devoting people. I adore socializing with people of different age. Also, I am very responsible and romantic which helps me to stick to things I prioritize in my life. I am a very sensitive boy. I sometimes romanticize reality, but it really gives me a way out when there is no hope left....xxx
ماركوس JUY4626
32 years
173 cm
68 kg
Amman / Jordan
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Simple, calm, humble, attractive, caring, respectful, loving
Alex ALE1491
24 years
179 cm
64 kg
Mumbai / India
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Like to explore things about cultureNeed someone to go out with me
Rumel RUM5908
25 years
150 cm
54 kg
Sylhet / Bangladesh
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Time spend
Knurzibald KNU9283
61 years
173 cm
150 kg
Dortmund / Germany
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I'm looking for the melody to my rythm section
Sarko SAR5447
40 years
170 cm
66 kg
Duhok / Iraq
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انسان عادي وطموح
Namiq NAM9665
31 years
191 cm
88 kg
Ufa / Russian Federation
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I am looking for a girl for a serious relationship who is ready to come to Russia and live with me. Or I am looking for a girl who I will provide for everything, so that she lives with my parents and helps them with the housework. I will help you leave India, you will have everything you need.
Michael MIC7835
60 years
185 cm
92 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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I'm looking for something solid, I've had some problems, first of all, a prostate operation That's why I can't get any xxxxx anymore, which means I can't make you pregnant anymore and then I still have a tube in my stomach to let urine out and an invalidity pension in Switzerland, that's called IV Retirement I would like to emigrate to Thailand
Emil EMI2309
33 years
180 cm
90 kg
Baku / Azerbaijan
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I’ll tell you everything.
Viktor VIK1822
64 years
195 cm
102 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Accomplished in career & well educated. Loyal and passionate. Seeking honest, intelligent, partner that is attractive without the deception of cosmetics.
Rk RKI4749
28 years
173 cm
68 kg
Ranchi / India
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Any Shemale contact me
Roman ROM1123
50 years
178 cm
90 kg
Kamensk / Russian Federation
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messenger f b xxxx
Myname MYN5298
38 years
172 cm
68 kg
Pune / India
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I am myself
Shashank SHA9925
35 years
161 cm
57 kg
Yavatmal / India
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Thank you so much for spending your time to know me. I am so grateful to be sharing my happy thoughts with you
Here’s my story for the history books. I am a kind-hearted and family-oriented person. I hate lairs. I am the limited edition of my parents & living with them in India. We belong to Hindu Sanatan region & following ISKCON devotional practices. I have pursued a graduate degree. I owned my pretty and profitable business.
“Simple living and higher thinking is my philosophy”. Exercise / Yoga / Meditation are my hobbies and daily routine. I am a foodie person & like to consume vegetarian food with rich nutritional values. Travelling, browsing new places, photography & videography is my passion. I love music but mostly like trance music. I like Electric Guitar and Classical flute in musical instruments. I love Mother Nature very much and always want to be closer with her. I like adventurous sports. I am a techno savvy person and always active in social media.
I am so emotional, fun loving, caring, God fearing, trustworthy, kind hearted and very much optimistic person with great sense of humor and looking for a companion with similar values. I am excited to start my family with someone special. I believe in mutual respect and open communication in a relationship. I am willing to relocate myself to other place before or after my marriage.
I never say I’m a perfect, but stories are always better with a touch of imperfection. No, this isn’t a dream, this is my reality. Don’t study me more. You won’t be a graduate.
Tom TOM8918
53 years
173 cm
60 kg
Leicester / United Kingdom
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Gentle, intellectual man, into art, films, music, literature, theatre, gardening, seeks wise sensual woman, hopefully into pegging.
Stu STU6857
70 years
188 cm
84 kg
Indianapoli / United States of America
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I'm retired and now exploring the beautiful ladies of Africa. I'm a practicing nudist and hedonist. I'm an honest man who enjoys all women. Dark ladies are my favorite. 8 1/2 Ebony my favorite color.